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Second Grade

Teachers are Mrs. Gavina, Mrs. Hooper, Mrs. Kalafut, Mrs. Roggenbuck and Mrs. Yang

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Second grade would like to thank all parents and students who attended teacher conferences.  November was a very busy month filled with learning. All children took the I-ready benchmark testing. Many children showed progress on their winter scores. Please continue to have your children do their I-ready lessons at home for 15 minutes a night.

The 2nd graders read a book called Turkey Trouble.  They had fun disguising their turkeys that were sent home. Thank you for assisting them in this project.

Math has been very challenging. All 2nd graders have learned how to measure inches and centimeters using a ruler. They have also learned how to identify shapes by counting their sides and angles.  Some of the names they have learned are polygon, quadrilateral, hexagon, pentagon, along with cube and rectangular prism.

Their final writing for the quarter is a narrative fantasy. 

Please make sure your child reads over the holiday break.

Thank you for your continued support.

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