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Third Grade

Teachers are Mrs. Boscarino, Mrs. Silva, Mrs. Stanton and Mrs. Tennyson

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Third graders have been working hard this fall!  They have recently been learning about understanding differences and making sure they are living by the Perry Pride promise – making our school a safe and caring place. 

In math, students have successfully completed 2 units on multiplication.  They are experts now at multiplying and dividing and continue to work on 2 step word problems.  We have moved into Unit 3, which is measuring, time, and graphing. 

In Language Arts, students completed Unit 2, which was on “Smart Solutions.”  Students have really mastered content vocabulary and big idea questions.  We continue to work on phonics and comprehension skills like identifying the Main Idea and Drawing Conclusions. 

Many students are comfortable wearing layers to school so they feel ready for any type of classroom temperature.  Our 3rd grade team is represented by the color GREEN.  Make sure you have a green grade level T-Shirt ($2)!!!

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